Clinical Operations

Clinical trials are research studies that are designed to explore how well new medical approaches work in humans. The success of any clinical trial relies on good clinical trial design and effective and efficient execution. Delays and failures are costly in money and time. They can significantly impede the availability of new and innovative products that may improve life for patients and their families.

Katalyst HealthCares & Life Sciences provides expert Clinical Trial Operations (CTO) Services to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device companies. At Katalyst HLS, the experienced team provides comprehensive clinical trial management services, from start-up through reporting. Katalyst enhances the success of a trial by closely working and collaboratively with our sponsors and investigational sites, anticipating challenges, and managing trials proactively.

Our team executes clinical trials with ample effort and ensures that the clinical trial is conducted as per the protocol and applicable guidelines and regulations. Katalyst’s clinical operations technical team applies their therapeutic, regulatory, and operational expertise to consistently solve the challenges that arise during all clinical trial projects.
Clinical Trial Phase I to IV.

Clinical Trial Operational Services:
• Clinical Trial Management
• Clinical Trial Monitoring
• Clinical Site Assessment & Selection
• Clinical Site Monitoring & Maintenance
• Clinical Trial Study Start-up
• Clinical Trial Volunteer Recruitment
• Clinical Trial Study Feasibility
• Clinical Trial Supplies Management
• Clinical Trial Project Management
• Bioavailability/Bioequivalence (BA/BE) Studies